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Medicare's Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount

What is IRMAA?

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What is IRMAA?

IRMAA is a surcharge on top of your Medicare Part B and Part D premiums for having too much income.

How do you pay for it?

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How do you pay for it?

IRMAA is paid for from your Social Security benefits.

Your own retirement savings are being used against you to:

The Social Security and Medicare systems are becoming a convoluted disaster that are on track to completely destroy Baby Boomers’ retirements.

The 4 Rules of Retirement

1. In retirement you must enroll into Medicare if you no longer have creditable health coverage through an employer or spouse's employer and are 65 years-old or older.

Failure to enroll results in the immediate loss of all Social Security benefits

2. Medicare premiums are based on your income through IRMAA.

The more income you have in retirement the higher your Medicare premiums.

3.The more income you have in retirement the higher your Medicare premiums.

Some examples of income for IRMAA are:

4. The bulk of your Medicare costs and all IRMAA surcharges are automatically paid by your Social Security benefit .

The more you save incorrectly for retirement the less Social Security benefit you will receive

But that's not all.

Even people who have put their money in other retirement accounts such as 401(k)s are in a position to be broadsided. Medicare premiums are calculated based upon your income. People who make more money are expected to pay higher premiums to make up for those who cannot. This is referred to as IRMAA. Many Retirees think this won’t affect them because, “They will make less money now that they are not working.” Unfortunately, if the government can tax it, they consider it income. Many traditional retirement accounts, investments, and properties are taxable. This means that the government views these individuals as having higher incomes and raises their premiums. These raised premiums can completely swallow all social security benefits and leave an individual owing the government money!

The unpleasant message here is that if Medicare costs were not properly factored into a retirement plan, that retirement plan could very well be worthless.

How IRMAA SolutionsTM will help you solve this issue

When we discovered this overlooked monstrosity, we set about to correct it.

We gathered the world’s foremost experts on this issue with the goal to raise awareness, create a streamlined way to accurately predict future health care costs, and provide solutions on how to drastically reduce them.

The result of this effort was IRMAA Solution’s Medicare IRMAA CalculatorTM. . The game changing software that allows you to quickly, easily, and accurately project retiree’s Medicare costs.

Using this software is a breeze.

Step 1

Fill in some basic information

Step 1

Step one is to sit down with your client and fill in some basic information. This information includes things like name, retirement income sources, and tax filing status. This step generally takes less than 10 minutes to complete. After you have filled in the information, your part is done! No need to learn a new skill set here!

Step 2

Medicare IRMAA Calculator

Step 2

The Medicare IRMAA Calculator software then takes that information and compares it against thousands of up-to-date data points. It selects all applicable data, runs its calculations, and returns an easy-to-read projection of your client’s retirement income and how it’ll be affected by Medicare premiums and IRMAA brackets.

Step 3


Step 3

From there you can effortlessly manipulate the scenario with the click of a button. You become the master as you create and view different outcomes by experimenting with variables such as alternative retirement vehicles and withdrawal amounts.

Do you want to see just how simple to use this software really is?

With the Medicare IRMAA CalculatorTM, you can expect to:

Click the link to obtain your license for Medicare IRMAA Calculator so that both your clients and your bank account can live happily ever after!


Do you want some reassurance before you claim your access to this software? Checkout these testimonials from other professionals who have found success using Medicare IRMAA Calculator in their business!

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