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Medicare IRMMA Calculator For Individuals

Medicare IRMAA Calculator, the Key to Happy Retirements.

When it comes to retirement, you probably want to take it easy, spend time doing the things you like, and spend your money on the things and people you care about. Unfortunately, rising Medicare costs threaten to divert your money and time away from the things you love. Up until now, the complexity of predicting these costs made it impractical to do so. This meant retirees faced a future of guesswork and worry. Fortunately, with IRMAA Solution’s Medicare IRMAA Calculator, you can know what your costs will be down the road and begin devising strategies to retain your money.

For the past several years, Social Security has been struggling to maintain adequate funding. At the same time, Medicare’s monthly cost to the consumer has been on the rise. In fact, the cost of Medicare has been rising by ~7% (source) while Social Security benefits have only increased by ~2.8% (source).

In other words...

Medicare costs are going up while Social Security benefits are remaining nearly stagnant.

Social Security and Medicare are partner programs. To receive Social Security benefits, you are required by law to enroll in Medicare. Medicare has a monthly premium that must be paid by the consumer to stay in the program. To pay this premium, the Medicare program generally takes a portion of the retiree’s Social Security check.

This means that as the price of Medicare goes up, the amount you will receive from Social Security goes down.

To make matters worse, Medicare has a little-known fee that can as much as triple your monthly payments. This fee is known as the Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA). It is a surcharge added onto the monthly premium of people who have higher taxable income.

If you have “too much” taxable income, more of your Social Security benefits will go to Medicare.

Many retirees think they don’t make enough in a year to become subject to IRMAA. The issue is that IRMAA applies to taxable income and the government’s definition of taxable income is very broad. Many traditional retirement accounts, investments, and properties are taxable.

IRMAA often puts retirees who think they in the clear in a position where they must pay higher Medicare rates.

There has also been a push by those in congress to lower the point at which beneficiaries would begin paying IRMAA surcharges. This move would make even larger portions of the population subject to these higher Medicare costs.

In short, due to Medicare, the amount you’ll receive from Social Security is likely less than you had anticipated. The situation becomes even worse if you have to pay IRMAA.

In the past, the time and resources required to figure these future costs was not practical. Today, IRMAA Solution’s Medicare IRMAA Calculator gives the power of predicting these costs to the individual.

The solution to IRMAA is the Medicare IRMAA Calculator™

An important step in creating a satisfying and secure retirement is knowing what expenses to expect. Previously, doing so with Medicare was a complicated process. Now, with Medicare IRMAA Calculator, you can quickly get a projection of what your Medicare expenses will be. Knowing these expenses allows you to craft a retirement plan that will save you money and let you focus on the things that are special to you.

The Medicare IRMAA Calculator™ was developed by the world’s foremost experts on the issue and is constantly being updated with the most up-to-date data. It provides a way for retirees to quickly, easily, and accurately project Medicare costs in retirement.

The only thing you need to do is fill in some information such as name, retirement income sources, and tax status. From there the calculator compares your information to thousands of data points, performs the appropriate calculations, and returns an easy-to-read report of your future financial situation.

Once you know how much Medicare is going to cost, you can begin taking steps to secure your retirement funds and have a long, happy future.

We want as many people as possible to find security in their retirements. Because of this, we have invested long hours into making our software easy to understand and use. With Medicare IRMAA Calculator™ you can say goodbye to steep learning curves.

Steps of using software.

Step 1

Fill in some basic information

Step 1

Fill in some basic information such as name, tax filling status, and income sources. This step can be completed in under 10 minutes. Once you’ve completed this step your part is done. No new skill to learn here.

Step 2

Medicare IRMAA Calculator

Step 2

After you’ve entered your information, the calculator compares it to thousands of up-to-date data points. It selects the applicable data, runs its calculations, and returns an easy-to-read report projecting your income in retirement and how Medicare premiums and IRMAA will affect it.

Step 3


Step 3

From there you can effortlessly manipulate the scenario with the click of a button. You become the master as you create and view different outcomes by experimenting with variables such as alternative retirement vehicles and withdrawal amounts.

Do you want to see just how simple to use this software really is?

With the Medicare IRMAA CalculatorTM, you can expect to:

If you want a secure retirement, Medicare IRMAA Calculator is the tool for you.