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The Baby Boomer generation is in trouble

People who have been financially responsible may lose large portions of their retirements.

For most people, Social Security will be a large part of their retirement income. In order to receive your Social Security benefits, you must enroll in Medicare. Medicare premiums are taken out of your Social Security benefits. Medicare has a little known fee called IRMAA. It is a surcharge that can be added on to your monthly premium. If you make “too much” money, you are required to pay IRMAA.

Unfortunately, the IRMAA surcharge can more than double your monthly premium! IRMAA, combined with other rising Medicare costs, can consume your Social Security benefits and leave you with nothing. Receiving a smaller social security check than expected will spell disaster for many retirements.

The scary part is IRMAA doesn’t just apply to rich retirees. The financial advice peddled to middle class Americans is leading them right into the IRMAA trap.

If your money is in the wrong types of accounts and investments, IRMAA can apply to you.

There is HOPE!

Fortunately, you needn’t give up hope for a happy retirement. We are committed to helping you escape IRMAA and maximize your Social Security take home. Our network of professionals have the tools to legally reduce or even eliminate your IRMAA liability.

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