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Location: The Gladly

2201 E Camelback Rd Suite 106, Phoenix, AZ

Tuesday, January 10th

Dinner 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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What to Expect

The foremost expert, Dan McGrath, and National best selling author of “What You Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!” will be speaking.

Many affluent investors are on a path of destruction with their traditional retirement plans, and they don’t even know it! The more you save, the bigger the problem…you need to take action NOW!

What will be covered

How IRMAA SolutionsTM will help you solve this issue

What is IRMAA?

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What is IRMAA?

IRMAA is a surcharge on top of your Medicare Part B and Part D premiums for having too much income.

How do you pay for it?

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How do you pay for it?

IRMAA is paid for from your Social Security benefits.

Your own retirement savings are being used against you to:

The Social Security and Medicare systems are becoming a convoluted disaster that are on track to completely destroy Baby Boomers’ retirements.

The 4 Rules of Retirement

1. In retirement you must enroll into Medicare if you no longer have creditable health coverage through an employer or spouse's employer and are 65 years-old or older.

Failure to enroll results in the immediate loss of all Social Security benefits

2. Medicare premiums are based on your income through IRMAA.

The more income you have in retirement the higher your Medicare premiums.

3.The more income you have in retirement the higher your Medicare premiums.

Some examples of income for IRMAA are:

4. The bulk of your Medicare costs and all IRMAA surcharges are automatically paid by your Social Security benefit .

The more you save incorrectly for retirement the less Social Security benefit you will receive